Membership & Staff

The Reform Committee's work is focused on advising the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government on policy matters relating to criminal and juvenile justice, and making recommendations to the Executive and Legislative branches of government concerning proposed changes to laws relating to the criminal and juvenile justice systems that would improve those systems.

  • Angela "Spence" Pacheco, Chair
  • Bennett Baur, Chief Public Defender
  • Neal A. Bowen, Ph.D., Behavioral Health Director
  • Karl Brooks, Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Mark Donatelli, appointed by the Speaker of the House
  • Claire Harwell, appointed by the Governor
  • Anne Kelly, Office of the Attorney General
  • April Land, UNM School of Law
  • Michael Lilley, appointed by the Senate President Pro Tem
  • Nina Safier, appointed by the Governor
  • John Sugg, appointed by the House Minority Floor Leader
  • Alisha Tafoya Lucero, Secretary of Corrections
  • Clint Wellborn, Administrative Office of the District Attorneys
  • Linda Freeman, Executive Director, New Mexico Sentencing Commission
  • Douglas Carver, Deputy Director, New Mexico Sentencing Commission