Crime Reduction Grants

About the Crime Reduction Grants

The Crime Reduction Grant Act (CRGA) was passed in 2019 as a way to spur local-level innovation to address criminal justice issues. Applications for Crime Reduction Grants are approved by a Judicial District’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to ensure that there is a strong nexus between the grant request and local needs. When the CRGA was passed, the goal was that the grants would serve as incubators for ideas or models that, if successful, would ultimately be funded by the state, or rolled out to other Judicial Districts. It is anticipated that certain programs might be funded through the CRGA process for multiple grant cycles, but once a program is established and been shown to be effective, the program would then turn to the Legislature for funding. While certain grants have been made in the past for hiring of personnel, that is not the preferred kind of grant. We encourage communities throughout the state to be inventive, be creative, and, with the approval of their Judicial District’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, apply for a grant.

If you would like to receive notices about new grants please subscribe to our listserv, CRGA-Interest-L, via email. Your email message should contain only three elements: the subscribe command, CRGA-Interest-L and your name:

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Previously Awarded Crime Reduction Grants: