CCUC Meetings

The Criminal Code Update Committee (CCUC) was created to oversee a revision to the New Mexico Criminal Code and related statutes. That work has been subsumed into the work of the Reform Committee. The minutes of the CCUC are available below.
October 11, 2022 MeetingAgenda for 1011202210:00AM
April 21, 2022 MeetingAgenda for 0421202210:00AMMinutes for 0421202210:00AM
September 9, 2021 MeetingAgenda for 0909202110:00AMMinutes for 0909202110:00AM
August 12, 2021 MeetingAgenda for 0812202110:00AMMinutes for 0812202110:00AM
July 29, 2021 Meeting Agenda for 0729202110:00AMMinutes for 0729202110:00AM
July 15, 2021 MeetingAgenda for 0715202110:00AMMinutes for 0715202110:00AM