Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee operates during the legislative sessions and makes recommendations to policy makers on justice related legislation.


Martin Suazo, Chair

Hector Balderas, Attorney General

Bennett Baur, Chief Public Defender

Bob Cleavall, Appointed by the Speaker of the House

Hon. Miles Hanisee, Appointed by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals

Hon. Cristina Jaramillo, Appointed by the District and Metropolitan Court Judge's Association

David Jablonski, Secretary of Corrections

Monique Jacobson, Secretary of the Children, Youth, and Families Department

Marron Lee, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Chair

Amy Orlando, Appointed by the Governor

Arthur Pepin, Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Scott Weaver, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety

Clint Wellborn, Appointed by the District Attorneys Association

Frank Zubia, Appointed by the Governor

Linda Freeman, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Executive Director

Douglas Carver, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Deputy Director