Juvenile Committee

The Juvenile committee focuses on all New Mexico juvenile justice issues. The committee visits programs and facilities throughout the state and makes recommendations to the full commission as appropriate.

Juvenile Committee Members & Staff


Bob Cleavall,  Chair 

Cindy Aragon, Appointed by the State Bar

Bennet J. Baur, Chief Public Defender

Hon. Marci Beyer, Appointed by the District and Metropolitan Court Judge’s Association 

Mark Donatelli, Appointed by the Speaker of the House

Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III,  Representative of the New Mexico Association of Counties

Monique Jacobson, Secretary of the Children, Youth, and Families Department

April Land, For the Deans of UNM Law School

Marron Lee, Chair New Mexico Sentencing Commission 

Traci Neff, Representative of the New Mexico Association of Counties 

Angela "Spence" Pacheco, Appointed by the Speaker of the House 

Hon. John Romero, District Court Judge

David Schmidt, Appointed by the Senate President Pro Tem

Raúl Torrez, Appointed by the District Attorney's Association 

Linda Freeman, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Executive Director

Douglas Carver, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Deputy Director