Membership & Staff

The core mission of the SOMB is to develop and recommend to the full commission best practices in the management and treatment of adult and juvenile sex offenders, while protecting current and preventing future victims of sex offenses.

  • Brian Blalock, Secretary of the Children, Youth, and Families Department
  • Regina Chacon, for the Department of Public Safety
  • Kim Chavez Cook, for the Chief Public Defender
  • Kathyleen Kunkel, Secretary of Health
  • Tony Long, for the Attorney General
  • Hon. Kea W. Riggs, appointed by the District and Metropolitan Court Judge’s Association
  • Alisha Tafoya-Lucero, Acting Secretary of Corrections
  • Rick Tedrow, for the District Attorneys Association of New Mexico
  • Karen Trujillo, Secretary of Education
  • Lynn Trujillo, Secretary of Indian Affairs
  • Linda Freeman, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Executive Director
  • Douglas Carver, New Mexico Sentencing Commission Deputy Director

To Be Appointed:

  • Public member, board member of a victim's organization (Governor)
  • Mental health professional, member of association for treatment of sexual abusers (Governor)
  • Mental health professional, juvenile sex offender treatment specialist (Governor)
  • Member from Adult Probation & Parole Division with expertise in supervision of sex offenders (Governor)
  • Member from the law enforcement community (Governor)
  • Member from a civil liberties association (Governor)
  • Member from a faith-based organization (Governor)