Sex Offender Management Board

The core mission of the SOMB is to develop and recommend to the full commission best practices in the management and treatment of adult and juvenile sex offenders, while protecting current and preventing future victims of sex offenses. 


(1)  The attorney general or designee:  Hector Balderas, Attorney General for

      the State  of New Mexico – designee: Clara Moran


(2)  A district attorney appointed by the district attorneys association of New   

     Mexico:  Rick Tedrow


(3)  The chief public defender or designee:    Chief Public Defender for   

      the State of New Mexico, Bennett Bauer, – designee:  Kim Chavez Cook


(4)  A district court judge appointed by the district court judge's association of 

     New Mexico: Judge Abigail Aragon, District Judge for State of New Mexico 


(5) The Secretary of Corrections or designee:  Gregg Marcantel, Secretary of 

     Corrections for the State of New Mexico – designee:  James Brewster


(6) The Secretary of Health or designee: Vacant


(7) The Secretary of Children, Youth and Families or designee:  Monique

     Jacobson - designee: 


(8) The Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Scott Weaver, –    

     designee: Regina Chacon


(9) The Secretary of Public Education or designee:  Hanna Skandera, –

     designee: Leighann Lentil   


(10) The Secretary of Indian Affairs or designee: Kelly Zuni, Secretary of New

       Mexico Indian Affairs Department - designee: Suzette Shije


(11)  One public member appointed by the governor who is a board member of

       a New Mexico victims organization:  Donna Richmond


(12)  Two representatives appointed by the governor who are mental 

        health professionals licensed to practice in New Mexico. One of the  mental

        health professionals shall be (1) a member of the association for the 

        treatment of  sexual abusers and one shall be: Troy Rodgers  (2) a

        juvenile sex offender  treatment specialist:  Vacant           


 (13)  A representative appointed by the governor from the adult probation and  

         parole division of the corrections department who has expertise in the 

         supervision of sex offenders: vacant  


(14)  A representative appointed by the governor from the law enforcement

       community who has expertise regarding sex offender community 

       notification, registration, tracking and monitoring:   vacant


(15)  A representative appointed by the governor who is affiliated with a civil 

        liberties organization:  vacant


(16)  A representative appointed by the governor who is affiliated with a faith-

        based organization: Jose Villegas, Police Chaplain